28 mars 2012

Tous les autres en parlent - primer for April 1

UPDATE: Mar. 30 I forgot that this Sunday is Palm Sunday! Added to Mgr. Lépine's bullet point.

In a studio somewhere in the recesses of Maison Radio-Canada, this Sunday's episode of TLMEP has finished recording. The team has released its list of guests:

  • Monsignor Christian Lépine, auxiliary bishop for the archdioscese of Montréal. I didn't know such a position existed, but I guess when your archbishop is also cardinal, he can use the help of two stand-ins.
    • Churchgoers in the Western Rite, including Roman Catholics, already know that this week's airing will be on Palm Sunday (Dimanche des Rameaux), the beginning of the Holy Week.
    • Expect us to talk about the role of spirituality and the Catholic church in today's society, and perhaps religious tolerance vis-à-vis Islam?
  • Italian "Transformist" Arturo Brachetti. Signor Brachetti is a regular in Montréal. If you own a television set and have tuned it to any Canadian channels in the past ten years, then you've certainly seen skits of his on Just for Laughs videos. His posters in the metro a few years back still have an imprint in my retinas. He's not usually one for words in his stage persona, so I'm not quite sure what he'll reveal to us in a talk show format.
  • Richard Martineau, columnist for Le Journal de Montréal and co-host of Les Franc-tireurs (The Straight-talkers) on Télé-Québec.
  • Lisa LeBlanc, the Acadian signer-songwriter. She's releasing a new éponyme (self-titled) album this week. On her Twitter profile, she describes her style as Folk-Trash.
  • Tasha Kheiriddin, commentator for the National Post. Mrs Kheirddin is co-author of Rescuing Canada’s Right: Blueprint for a Conservative Revolution and quotes Margaret Thatcher on her home page, so her political tendencies are quite clear. Expect a lively discussion on politics in general, and where Tom Mulcair's ascension to the NDP leadership following the Orange Surge in Quebec leaves the Conservatives in particular.
  • Broadway producer Adam Blanshay. Mr. Blanshay, who studied at McGill is currently producing Jesus Christ Superstar. I wonder what the bishop will have to say about the latter... Will anglo culture come up in the conversation?
This episode of Tout le monde en parle will be broadcast on Sunday, April 1 at 20:00 (8pm) on Radio-Canada.

P.S.: I've always wanted to write "to wit" about a tweet. Check!

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