24 avril 2012

TLMEP Interview with Alain Gravel and Fabrice de Pierrebourg - April 22

Alain Gravel and Fabrice de Pierrebourg are here to discuss their findings in the recently exposed corruption case in Mascouche - google news link here. Alain Gravel is the host and of Radio-Canada's investigative news series Enquète and Fabrice de Pierrebourg is an investigative reporter with La Presse. They are being interviewed to discuss their findings in the Mascouche case. All that information is readily available online and they offer no unique insight into that investigation.
Of course, when the shit hits the fan in Montreal and all our corruption is exposed, it'll be much bigger sums.
What is interesting is their take on UPAC's mandate - which now has become much too big. 55 police officers investigate for UPAC and now they have to investigate daycare centres as well as politicians and their business partners.
In many cases the RCMP seems to be getting in the way of UPAC. M. Parent pipes up here to explain that not all is as it seems - sometimes the RCMP just doesn't have enough to go on and therefore doesn't want to muddy the waters with imprecise intel.
Why this matters: Ok, exposing corruption at any level of government is very important. The work that journos like Messieurs Gravel and de Pierrebourg do is incredibly important to keeping our politicos honest. See the links I posted and you can get a full understanding of the scope of this investigation.
Many thanks to bl1ndedbyfear on youtube for posting TLMEP videos so quickly. I hope to get in touch with you soon!

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