16 avril 2012

TLMEP Apr 15 Overview

Note: Trying a new format this week. Here you'll find an "executive summary," for lack of a better term. Dominic and I, together with a new partner, Sylvie (@lupsylvie on Twitter) will be publishing more detailed summaries of the individual interviews in the next few hours/days.

Stay tuned! Or, to borrow Éric Salvail's show's title, «demeurez Fidèle au poste!»

Culture Then and Now (and Tomorrow?)

This evening's show starts with company members of a re-imagined musical version of the play that allowed Quebec culture to express itself, Michel Tremblay's Les Belles-soeurs. If the original play stirred controversy over its use of joual in higher forums of culture then, it has now managed even to win the hearts and minds of French audiences in Paris, where they're renowned to sneer at more provincial dialects.

Éric Salvail, the variety show host, is in to talk to us about his upcoming antics, including the closing gala at Juste pour rire and a live, open-air summer production of his show Dieu Merci!

Demonstrating the relevance of cultural figures in society, the La Presse columnist and producer of hit show Star Académie, Stéphane Laporte, talks about the Prix À part entière award for helping advance the social inclusion of the disabled. He also speaks candidly of his own disability, the torment, humiliation, denial over it, and how he's persevered despite it.

But are all of these cultural productions in danger now that the Harper government is looking to hack and slash at expenditures everywhere? Not at all, says federal heritage minister James Moore. The so-called Monsieur Radio-Canada himself is the (small f!) fox in the hen house, here to explain that though the cuts (including 650 positions in CBC/Radio-Canada) will hurt, Canadian production spending will continue.

Fast and Furious

No-nonsense radio talkshow host Paul Arcand (the incomparable!) is here to promote his new documentary on reckless driving, called Dérapages (Loss of Control). Guy A. thinks should be mandatory viewing for all young aspiring drivers.

On the other end of the speed spectrum, we have Formula One journalist Christian Tortora. F1 drivers don't encourage reckless driving... but that doesn't mean Schumi should be anybody's role model!

Continuing the Discussion

  • How did you think James Moore did defending his government budgetary decisions?
  • As another season of Formula One is underway and we prepare for the Grand Prix here in Montreal, what do you think speedracing's role in society is? Are they responsible?
  • Have you ever seen Les Belles-soeurs, in musical or the original theatrical form? Maybe translated in English, Yiddish, or Polish? Would you consider going to the free show on June 29 in Parc LaFontaine?

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