22 avril 2012

TLMEP Overview of April 22

After receiving student leaders on the set of TLMEP, Guy A. continues to give a more complete picture of the situation, tonight: from the police, from parents, and from a former minister of education. That's not all that was talked about tonight, but after this weekend's violent protests after the show's taping, expect more in the coming weeks.

Bonjour la Police!

(If you don't get the reference in this heading, take a minute to watch this video of the the popular comedy skit/song from 1989.)

Taking the heat for the fuzz, Montreal police chief Marc Parent steps onto the set of Tout le monde en parle to talk about the handling of the more than 150 student protests that have occurred since the beginning of this year.

Not policemen, but helping them in their work, investigative reporters Alain Gravel and Fabrice de Pierrebourg are here tonight to talk political corruption in general and the Mascouche affair in particular. Their job is to gather facts and build the stories not to give everything away to the police or courts of la. They will help us ponder the next scandal; cause in Quebec, it never ends.

Taming Dragons or Relationships? Which is Harder...

Janette Bertrand, the 87-year-old writer, journalist, radio talk-show host and actress, came to the set to talk about her new book, "Lit Double" (twin bed) . It's a novel (roman) that follows five couples through their relationships that are still going strong. She tries to explain why 49% of couples succeed  where 51% don't. She gives her perspective on how and why these couples manage to survive the crisis.

Danièle Henkel, Algerian-born entrepreneure, is one of the favorite dragons in the Radio-Canada show "Dans l'oeil du Dragon" (the Québec version of the Japanese "Dragons' Den" popular in English Canada on CBC). She explains her life story, when she arrived to Quebec in 1990, and how she rebuilt her life, her pharma-cosmetic company, working hard and never considering failure as an option.

Food, Politics and other Passions

Foodie and epicurian Christian Bégin is a strong pursuer of all his passions be they acting or eating or writing. He's gained and lost much recently and talks about those times. He also takes some time to discuss the road that lies ahead for his son Théophile who attends CEGEP and, as a member of CLASSE, he believes is about to live heartbreak.

Here to talk about what it's like being in the minister of education's shoes is, Jean Garon, who held the position from 1994 to 1997. He explains why he's against the fees, what he would do differently, and why Régis Labeaume (if you're a #badanglo, that's the mayor of Quebec City) is getting it right.

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